Trick Golf Artist Karsten Maas retains his World record

The Trickgolfer and PGA Professional Karsten Maas, has the 30th April set a new World Record with the “longest usable golf club”. In the Golf club „Golf in Wall“ close to Berlin, did Mr. Maas hit a golf ball impressive 165,46 meters ( 182 yards ) with the 4,37 meter long golf club.
Karsten Maas which earlier had a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, has now retained his spot in the book.
After the Attempt Karsten Maas says: It is very nice to get the record “back home”, and I am very happy that everything went well ,and the result was this good. Before the record could count as the longest usable golf club, I needed to hit a “good shot”, and even though a shorter shot would also have been good enough ,I am very happy that I hit the ball 165,46 meters.
I have been practicing a lot with the club, and I have been hitting it very well. But under pressure at the actual attempt it is something different as when you just are practicing. But it worked and I am very happy for that.


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