Precise Resort El Rompido, getting better all the time

Precise Resort El Rompido has a five-star hotel, four-star apartments ideal for families, four restaurants and a spa. It also boasts the 36-hole El Rompido Golf Club, designed by Álvaro Arana, which is surrounded by pine trees, orange groves and marshes which open out onto the Atlantic Ocean, offering players magnificent views.

El Rompido Golf Club
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Precise Resort El Rompido is on the Costa de La Luz – the so-called coast of light – in Huelva, one of the eight provinces of Andalucía. The resort has a five-star hotel, four-star apartments ideal for families, four restaurants and a spa.  It also boasts the 36-hole El Rompido Golf Club, designed by Álvaro Arana, which is surrounded by pine trees, orange groves and marshes which open out onto the Atlantic Ocean, offering players magnificent views.

The setting is a true paradise, and when combined with magnificent facilities and first-class customer service, it means the resort has a high number of repeat customers. All of this, together with a commitment to and philosophy of improving each year, makes it one of the most well-respected resorts in the area.

We talked to Raquel Galván, Sales Director of Precise Resort El Rompido and Mar Timoner, Director of El Rompido Golf Course.

Raquel Galvan-Mar Timoner

Raquel Galván, Precise Resort El Rompido Sales Director

The Costa de Huelva is one of the most popular holiday destinations and Precise El Rompido has two golf courses right next to the hotel. How much of the business in the hotel is made up of golfers?

We are very fortunate to be in an exceptional area with fantastic weather, which means we welcome a lot of European golfers almost year-round, although less so in summer, when our customers come chiefly from the Spanish market. The golf segment makes up about 55% of the annual occupancy.

The resort includes a five-star hotel and four-star apartments – what are the features of each?

The resort is set between the two courses of the El Rompido Golf Course. The apartments, with one or two bedrooms, are ideal for families with children, as well as for extended winter stays for those who like to flee the cold, seeking warmer climes to play their favourite sport. The five-star hotel stands out for its charm and well-kept landscaping, as well as for the comfortable facilities. Our spa, with natural light, is a real plus for our guests.

For the resort overall, I would highlight our staff; this is one of the plus points most mentioned by our customers in their reviews, for sure.

Golf is one of the reasons people travel worldwide, and the golf tourist is a very particular type of customer who expects all kinds of experiences and with a degree of exclusivity. Why would you recommend a golfer spend their holiday at Precise Resort El Rompido?

To be able to enjoy 36 holes within the resort, in the middle of nature and in a protected area with no buildings close by, these days is a real attraction. Coupled with the good weather we have in this area all year round and it makes for an irresistible experience.

There is a hotel, apartments and a golf course… What would you say are the highlights of the area where Precise Resort El Rompido is set? What are the best things for a visitor to see and do?  

I would say that the ideal place to start would be El Rompido. This is a village which still preserves the essence of typical Andalusian coastal communities, where you can enjoy the local cuisine. Other options include watersports, walking or cycling and enjoying the nature surrounding the resort.

What is your sales strategy at the resort to attract golfers?

Customer satisfaction is undoubtedly our best sales tool. Although attending fairs and exhibitions, tournaments and workshops aimed at the golf market also helps us attract new customers

Where do the golfers who stay at the resort usually come from?

In the summer months, they are mainly Spanish and Portuguese. The rest of the year they come from almost all over Europe: The United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, as well as France and Belgium, which in recent months have really increased their presence.

What is the outlook for the new season at Precise Resort El Rompido?

The picture from this spring onwards is quite encouraging, as we are at virtually the same level as 2019. The forecasts for the summer are also very satisfactory.

Mar Timoner, Director of Golf El Rompido

Golf El Rompido is one of the most popular courses in Huelva. What can players expect to find here?

They will find 36 holes surrounded by an exceptional natural environment and two very different courses. Pine trees, orange groves and the marshes of the Piedras river surround them both.

Playing the South Course, the one closest to the clubhouse, requires strategy and precision; the North Course is, according to the Peugeot Guide to Europe’s Top 1,000 Golf Courses, a monument to modern golf; intelligent and entertaining.

Not forgetting our large practice areas on both courses, where players can work on their short game (chipping, approach, bunker, putting), as well as their long game.

On top of this, there is the pleasure of staying in our hotel, the five-star Precise Resort El Rompido, next to the course, which has everything you could want to enjoy winding down after a round of golf.

The refurbishment plan for both courses is almost complete. What did that involve?

On both the courses we worked on all the bunkers, drainage, infills and new sand. At the moment we have the North Course ready and in a few days we will finish the bunkers on the South Course.

Another part of the refurbishment we have done involves the extension to our pro shop and improvements in the clubhouse. The pro shop at Golf El Rompido is a real golf boutique, where the latest fashion trends from the top brands are on sale. There is also a very wide range of clubs, accessories and all the extras that go with playing golf. The clubhouse has been extended and completely redecorated.

What is the outlook for the new season?

From October to May, most of our players come from Europe. It goes without saying that we have felt the effects of the strange times we have all lived through in the pandemic, just as many commercial courses like Golf El Rompido have. But we are finally taking off again, as there are fewer and fewer restrictions, and our aim is to take a big step forward in terms of quality and offer our customers better, superlative facilities.

The outlook is pretty good and we are very optimistic, which is why we took the decision to invest in improvements, to try and mark a ‘before and after’ at Golf El Rompido.


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