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Interview with Kilian Afonso, director of Nido Estepona


Kilian Afonso is the director of Nido Estepona, a position he reached after working at The Ivy Collection in the United Kingdom and other restaurants of the Mosh Group, such as Playa Padre. Born in the Canary Islands, Kilian grew up in the family restaurant, which marked him to dedicate himself to the world of hospitality.

Nido Estepona has been under his management for two years, during which time the restaurant located on the beachfront has significantly increased its popularity among lovers of Mediterranean food, music, and good atmosphere.

Kilian Afonso-Nido Estepona

You have been general manager of Nido Estepona for just over two years, what is your assessment of your management?

During the last two years as general manager of Nido Estepona, we have experienced a remarkable growth in visibility and reputation. Our strategy focused on highlighting exquisite Mediterranean cuisine in a privileged beach setting has been key to this success. We are proud to have consolidated Nido’s position as a gastronomic destination of reference, gaining the appreciation of an increasingly broad and diverse clientele.

In addition to Nido Estepona, Grupo Mosh has seven other restaurants. What would you say are the hallmarks of Nido Estepona and how does it stand out from the group’s other establishments?

Nido Estepona stands out within Grupo Mosh for its commitment to high quality Mediterranean cuisine and its unique beachfront location. In addition, we offer our guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of flamenco by presenting outstanding artists throughout the summer season. This combination of exceptional gastronomy, cultural entertainment and a relaxed seaside atmosphere sets us apart as a unique establishment in the region.

Nido Estepona is the Mosh Group’s first restaurant outside of Marbella. How important is the location and setting to the experience you offer?

Nido Estepona’s beachfront location is essential to the experience we offer our customers. The natural and tranquil setting creates an idyllic atmosphere that perfectly complements our Mediterranean gastronomic proposal. In addition, we are available to organize private events, allowing our clients to enjoy special moments in an exclusive and charming environment.

You have already told us that the Mediterranean gastronomy is one of the main axes of Nido Estepona to which its chef Franco Franceschini has put his personality. How would you describe your gastronomic proposal?

Chef Franco Franceschini’s cuisine is the beating heart of Nido Estepona. His focus on Mediterranean cuisine highlights the fresh and authentic flavours of the region, with a creative and contemporary twist. Every dish that leaves our kitchen is a culinary masterpiece that reflects Franco’s passion and dedication to his craft.

What message would you like to convey to those who have not yet visited Nido Estepona about what they can expect from the experience?

To those who have not yet had the opportunity to discover Nido Estepona, we invite them to immerse themselves in a unique experience where they will find a combination of the best of Mediterranean cuisine with cultural entertainment in an incomparable coastal setting. All this makes Nido has a very pleasant atmosphere also perfect for organizing private events, where our team guarantees a personalized and memorable experience for every occasion.

What novelties have you prepared for the 2024 season?

The 2024 season is coming strong at Nido Estepona. We are expanding our gastronomic offer with new dishes inspired by the freshness and diversity of Mediterranean cuisine, along with gastronomic events “four hands” with other chefs in the area; in the part of entertainment offer we will expand the performances of renowned flamenco artists, alternating with the most recognized DJs of the moment, without forgetting our private events.


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