Nido Estepona, full of Mediterranean essence

The restaurant succeeds in perfectly combining the exquisite design of the restaurant with the vibrant recipes of its chef Franco Franceschini.


Nido Estepona is one of Grupo Mosh’s seven restaurants and a must-try for this summer on the Costa del Sol. Set right next to the Mediterranean, the restaurant succeeds in perfectly combining the exquisite design of the restaurant with the vibrant recipes of its chef Franco Franceschini.

With his time at the three Michelin-star Paul Bocuse restaurant, the San Daniele, with one Michelin star, Meliá and Café Noir in New York, here the chef demonstrates in his work a cuisine where the produce and the simple execution of the recipes come fully to the fore. All this is achieved at Nido Estepona through a watchful eye that exudes passion for cooking which is passed on to his team.

Franco Franceschini

You are the executive chef of all Grupo Mosh restaurants. Taking over the culinary offerings of the group, what have you set out to achieve?

I have several goals, but I think the main one for me is to bring Grupo Mosh to where it deserves to be gastronomically and to have it stand out nationally and internationally.

Grupo Mosh has seven establishments in Marbella, each with a very different personality. Has it been difficult to design a culinary offer that differentiates each one of them?

It is not easy to give each concept an individual spirit. That is the biggest challenge, although I believe we can get it right as we have a great professional team.

The Costa del Sol is known for the range of dining on offer. How do you ensure your restaurants stand out in such a competitive market?

By treating each working day as if it were the first, for sure, searching for the best ingredients, managing and getting the best out of the teams and resources as efficiently as we can and, above all, with immense love for the profession.

Generally speaking, what would you say are the main features of your cooking?

All our kitchens are based on the quality of the raw material, professionalism and work organisation. That is the main hidden ingredient, our team philosophy.

What role does the relationship between supplier and chef play in your cuisine?

It plays a vital role, as our suppliers are a key part of the success of our restaurants. We have a very close bond and we try to ensure the love, trust and care is reciprocal.

At Nido Estepona in particular, what will diners who visit you find?

At Nido Estepona diners will discover an idyllic venue where they will be looked after attentively as a friend by professionals. As for food, they will enjoy a very Mediterranean concept with top quality produce. Nido’s cuisine is a great challenge because it combines the quality of the produce, the simplicity of the techniques and the flavour of the Mediterranean. Nido Estepona’s cuisine is that blend of simple beauty.

What are the star dishes at Nido Estepona?

The star dishes are undoubtedly the lobster with vermicelli, our paellas, and fresh, market fish such as sea bass in salt or the burratina cheese.

How would you describe the Nido Estepona experience and what are the highlights for you?

As you rightly say, Nido is an experience because it combines such elements as one of the best views of the Mediterranean with the magical energy of the restaurant’s spirit and design. All that is rounded off with cuisine based on the produce and the essence of the flavours. Without a doubt, I would highlight the sensation of feeling completely at home, with the friendly service and the atmosphere.

What would you say to those who have still to visit Nido Estepona?

Honestly, I would say, ‘Don’t believe what I have told you about Nido – come and see for yourself. You’ll discover the essence of a place that evokes life itself and the desire to feel alive and be who we are.’


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