Kayena, a whole culinary experience at Santa Clara Golf Marbella

This exquisite corner with its cozy space at the foot of the golf course, promises to delight the palates with exotic flavors, suggestive dishes and simply breathtaking views.

Kayena Marbella-Santa Clara Golf

Kayena Marbella is the gastronomic bet of Santa Clara Golf Marbella. The restaurant is located in one of the most pleasant areas of the golf course, just 10 minutes from the center of Marbella.

Plato Kayena Marbella

Sensory Journey

Kayena’s magic begins with its name, an aural invitation to embark on an exotic journey that will captivate all five senses. From the moment you cross the threshold, the delicately decorated space seduces with its natural beauty, urging diners to let go and relax in an ideal space for the visitor’s enjoyment.

Avant-garde gastronomy

Kayena is not just a restaurant, it is a bold bet by Santa Clara Golf Marbella to complete the visitor experience. Chef Javier Morales leads the Kayena project with an original and avant-garde cuisine full of Mediterranean flavors for breakfast and lunch. The unexpected touch is provided by the carefully chosen decoration and the impressive views from its terrace, which pleasantly surprise every diner who visits the restaurant.

Kayena Marbella

A Story Cooked Over a Slow Fire

The narrative behind Kayena finds its protagonist in Javier Morales, a chef whose vocation was born within the walls of the kitchen, accompanying his mother from an early age. After years of studying at different schools and working in Marbella, Morales has brought his experience and love of cooking to this exciting new project in the heart of the Costa del Sol.

Culminating Sensations

The seductive aroma of the dishes awakens all the senses, and each bite carries with it the essence of hours of work, dedication, many trials and an unbridled passion for gastronomy. Kayena thus becomes a complete sensory experience, where every sense delights and discovers new blends that are the result of dedication and mastery in the kitchen.

Among the chef’s suggestions we can find dishes such as
  • Low-temperature Black Angus beef ribs, oven-glazed with japonese-korean demiglass and smoked mayonnaise
  • Paris coffee cream Sole Fish and parsnip puree
  • Pappardele pasta with lobster
  • Homemade foie micuit with leek jam and red wine reduction
  • Exquisite banana toffee with caramel foam

Kayena presents itself as more than a restaurant; it is a sensory journey, an ode to innovation and a gastronomic experience that will captivate even the most demanding palates. From its delicate and cozy ambiance to the magic that unfolds in each dish, Kayena promises not only to delight, but also to surprise and excite in a different way with each visit.


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