The Solheim Cup effect at Finca Cortesin

Fachada- Finca Cortesin

When Finca Cortesin was chosen by the Ladies European Tour as venue for the Solheim Cup in 2023, it came as a huge boost not just for Andalucía and the Costa del Sol but also for the resort itself.

Finca Cortesin, which has earned a reputation for best-in-class luxury and received awards year after year as the number one resort in Spain and Portugal, is also seeing the positive effect of the Solheim Cup on all areas of its business.

Finca Cortesin Entrada Women’s golf has joined the mainstream in recent years and the financial and media impact of women’s tournaments has been on the rise. As well as its undeniable sporting appeal, the Solheim Cup is also a vehicle in a global marketplace for attracting both luxury tourism and investors. The Solheim Cup is therefore having a very positive impact on all area of business at Finca Cortesin, from the real estate to the hotel and through to the golf.

Piscina- Finca Cortesin

The figures for the last two years at Finca Cortesin have seen a more than healthy increase in terms of course membership, and a spectacular one in the last year, as Francisco de Lancastre, General Manager, Golf and Leisure Operations, described it. Another aspect of the resort that has seen a positive impact and increased enquiries overall is the real estate. Interest in the resort has multiplied and 36 new properties will be delivered in 2023.

Hoyo 6 Finca CortesinThe club already has a good number of members but there is still opportunity for more players to join without losing any of the exclusivity. Being a member of Finca Cortesin is a lifestyle choice – to be someone who always aims for the best, and the golf club is a natural extension of that particular way of life and the quality that flows through this impressive resort.

The membership model is unique to the area and includes several highly flexible features, including lifetime use and transfer rights. This helps foster an interesting and appealing social life at the club, where golf enthusiasts and players expect, as in the whole resort, the best in services. This rise in member numbers has also brought an increase in social activity at the club, with monthly tournaments and different matches against other national and international golf clubs, among other events held.Francisco de Lancastre- Finca Cortesin

Francisco de Lancastre, General Manager, Golf and Leisure Operations: “Our club is pretty unique; we have no committees, no club captain. We are a bit different to the usual formula of other members’ clubs.”

Finca Cortesin members receive benefits across the resort itself, as well as on the course, where tee times are set aside for them and no more than 100 players are allowed on daily. In a nutshell, the club upholds a level of exclusivity, tee availability and space that is very hard to enjoy elsewhere.

“We will manage this very carefully. Our future plan is to be a club for members and for hotel guests. As the hotel only has 67 rooms, the number of players will be limited and so we will always have extensive availability for members.”


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