The Range Marbella presents Europe’s first RoboGolfPro®

The Range in Marbella can make the RoboGolfPro® available to all golfers

RobogolfPro- The Range Marbella

After the incorporation a few months ago of the trackman system in its facilities, now the International Golf School The Range Marbella, takes a step further into the future with the RoboGolfPro®.

RobogolfPro The Range Marbella

The Range is ideally situated, in the famous golf valley, two kilometres from Puerto Banús and ten minutes from Marbella, where some of the best courses on the Costa del Sol are to be found. The school even offers the opportunity to practice from 8:00 to 21:00 with artificial light if needed.

RoboGolfPro® is a robotic training system designed to help golfers improve their swing mechanics. It can be a useful and very effective tool for learning golf.

RoboGolfPro®’s key advantage is its ability to provide precise and repetitive swing motions. It can help golfers understand the correct positions, tempo, and sequencing of a golf swing. This can be particularly beneficial for beginners who need to develop a fundamental understanding of the golf swing.

One of the advantages of RoboGolfPro® is its ability to customize lessons based on an individual’s specific needs. It can adapt to the golfer’s skill level and address specific swing flaws. This personalized approach can accelerate the learning process.

Driving Range International Academy The Range

The Range in Marbella can make the RoboGolfPro® available to all golfers Additionally, while it can help with swing mechanics, it doesn’t replace the importance of on-course experience, which is crucial for developing skills like course management, strategy, and putting.

In summary, RoboGolfPro® can be a valuable tool for learning golf, especially for beginners looking to develop a solid foundation in swing mechanics. However, it should be used in conjunction with traditional golf instruction and on-course practice to become a well-rounded golfer.


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