Chef Diego del Río and the Mediterranean cuisine of Boho Club

With solid French training at the Le Cordon Bleu school, Diego del Río began his career in the great restaurants of Paris and has built on it in his native Andalucía.

Diego del Río

Diego del Río is in charge of the extensive culinary offer at Boho Club. This Malaga-born chef is passionate about Andalusian cuisine, to which he adds the skills honed in his extensive experience in the kitchen, combining this with the ingredients and flavours discovered on his travels worldwide.

With solid French training at the Le Cordon Bleu school, Diego del Río began his career in the great restaurants of Paris and has built on it in his native Andalucía. For eight years he was behind the creative gastronomy of Marbella’s El Lago restaurant, one of the town’s four Michelin-starred restaurants.


His current proposition at Boho Club revolves around honest cuisine with a clear commitment to quality produce, in which diners find attractive and varied dishes such as ‘carabinero’ prawn croquettes with their tartar, octopus in tempura and ‘pipian’, smoked corn soup with avocado ‘mojo’ verde’ and pickled vegetables, grilled poussin and sautéed vegetables or the lobster in cerviche ‘gyozas’. A wide variety of flavours added to fresh fish and choice grilled meats, with a range of sauces and accompaniments, make up Diego del Río’s cuisine.


How do you define your style of cooking at Boho Club?

It is a cuisine with Andalusian roots and international influences. At Boho Club we are committed to food centred on respect for the quality of the produce.

Which dishes are essential to try to really understand your style of cooking?

We serve a very varied menu, suitable for any occasion and any hour of the day. You can enjoy a light bite, relax over an informal meal or try our tasting menu with wine pairing. I would say you should start with oysters with a mango, coriander and chili ceviche, move onto ‘carabinero’ prawn croquettes with their tartar and then corn soup with avocado ‘mojo’ sauce and pickled vegetables, which is one of our star dishes. I also recommend our beef tartar on rye bread and sultanas in egg yolk cured in ‘oloroso’ wine. At Boho Club you can enjoy high-quality food in an eclectic and cosmopolitan atmosphere, with good music and surrounded by works of art – a real treat.

What is the must-have ingredient in your dishes?

Extra virgin olive oil. I use it to ensure the dish is always top quality, whether as a balm or with the oil itself.

How do you cook, serve and season the fish and meat dishes at Boho Club?

We aim to serve fish as naturally as we can so it is always fresh and moist. We try to use a maximum of two or three ingredients so as not to detract from the produce itself. We go for a beautiful, aesthetic presentation and visual harmony.

For meats, I like to use charcoal, with holm oak wood, in the traditional way, as it enhances the flavour of the meat.

Boho Club’s kitchen is open from morning to night. What is your daily routine?

Our kitchen is open non-stop from 8.00am to midnight, to meet the needs of both our international and Spanish guests. Our customers can eat at any time of the day whatever they fancy.

We invariably start the day taking delivery of the orders of produce and preparing the daily ‘mise en place’ for the items we have on the menu. We also pay great attention to table service and good coordination with the team in the dining area.

For many of us, breakfast is the only thing that gets us out of bed in the morning and Boho Club’s is delicious. What is for breakfast at Boho Club?
The breakfast menu has a lot of options and includes healthy dishes suitable for everyone: fruit, oatmeal, pastries, smoothies and eggs cooked to order.
Boho Club’s menu also features vegetarian dishes and healthy eating. Tell us about those.

Our customers are increasingly seeking healthy and natural food.  Boho Club’s menu always features lighter, fresh ideas, such as our cold soups or dishes based around vegetables.

Tapas are a gastronomic classic in Andalucía. Can you have tapas in the Boho Club restaurant?

Boho Club has a wide-ranging menu – we also have choices ideal for sharing such as our ‘carabinero’ croquettes, fried octopus in tempura, tuna tartar, steak tartar and we are delighted to adapt any dish into a bite size format if the customer asks us to.

For those with a sweet tooth, what are the desserts like at Boho Club?

Our dessert menu includes the great classics of patisserie: lemon pie, Pavlova…, although we serve these in a contemporary style to match customers’ latest tastes.

What is new for the upcoming season?

We are putting together an extensive range of options for events and also new menus for business lunches and dinners. We want our customers to have the best experience possible at Boho Club, so we adapt our menus to individual tastes and preferences. We will be getting ready for the upcoming festive season from now on, and we hope to meet and exceed their expectations.

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